Videos with rare footage about loving couples involved in erotic powerplay.

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The movies give personal and compelling voices to the art of powerplay, service and submission, as witnessed first-hand in authentic relationships.  The film-maker sheds an authentic light on what it means to serve and submit to another person in a healthy manner. The videos are intended for anyone (both psychotherapists and the general public) who is interested in peering past the shadowy stereotypes and misconceptions that surround powerplay and consensual SM and viewing firsthand the possible beneficial aspects of power exchange within a healthy relationship.


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Serving Madame Gina: DVD with Madame Gina's property Mercedes, "serving, elegance and playing with archetypes"

©2008, run time 26 minutes, plus special featuresGine_Mercedes  

This film screened at CineKink Film Festival New York in 2009 where it won the "Best Short Documentary" award. In 2008 it screened at San Francisco Frameline (International LGBT Film Festival); at Action on Film Festival, Pasadena; at PFF Berlin; at Washougal International Film Festival, Washington and at others.


Gina and Mercedes are in a Master/slave relationship, an unusual relationship that may surprise the viewer and dispel stereotypes regarding assumptions what a Master/slave relationship and its participants may be like.

They are living together in their stylish and elegant house in San Francisco, where Mercedes serves Gina in many ways and worships Madame Gina in a very committed and devoted manner.

They just had their 2-year anniversary, and Mercedes received her third tattoo as a symbol of their lives being bonded together forever. Their leather family is present as Mercedes receives her tattoo. In their scene, they often enjoy playing with archetypes: the huntress, the victim, the Goddess, the worshipper and much more comes to life.

While Madame Gina treats her slave and “property” to occasional dungeon scenes which include floggings, bondage and many other activities, most of their 24/7 situation centers around Mercedes being Gina's servant, Lady-in-waiting, maid and house slave.

Do take a look at Dr Hoff's trailer and her video podcasts to meet Gina and Mercedes!




A Master/slave marriage: DVD with Matthew and kelly, "how can such a marriage work?"

©2007, run time 28 minutes, plus special feature and German subtitlesM_k_red_dress

Photo by Holly Blue

This film screened at Cinekink Film Festival New York, 2008; Fetish Film Festival, Kiel, Germany, 2008, where It won the award for Best Short Documentary.


Matthew and kelly (spelled with a small “k” to emphasize her submissive position) have an unusual marriage: we find out that she is his slave always.
Slave kelly does not appear to be oppressed or fall into any of the stereotypes many people may make about such a marriage. She is very outspoken. Yet she wears a permanent “slave collar” around her neck and feels truly committed to her Master. Matthew is a very likeable and charming man. They deeply love each other and have much fun
sharing their many activities.
In the Dominant/submissive marriage, Matthew tops kelly. They also discuss how kelly occasionally tops her master upon his request, and they explain how that fits into the Ms (Master/slave) marriage of many years. In the video they show bondage and play with impact toys, and they show many other intimate aspects of their erotic
dominant/submissive bdsm play.
Part of the video is shot in the beautiful Redwoods near Eureka, California, Other part are shot in their lovely house with a hot tub and an impressive bondage bed.



Role-Play with me: DVD with Bridged and Rob, "powerplay and role-play more sexually with Humor and Passion"


This film screened at Cinekink Film Festival New York and San Francisco, 2006.

Bridged and Rob have been together for two years; they have lived together since 2005 in a beautiful house in the Berkeley Hills. Bridged is in her twenties. She is finishing her undergraduate degree at Mills College, after which she will continue her research in Nepal and apply for acceptance to UC Berkeley's PhD program in anthropology. She has her own start-up company, which does philanthropic grass root fundraising for social and educational programs in developing nations. Rob, who is 17 years older than Bridged, leads a group of scientists researching nanotechnology. He holds a PhD in chemistry and is an inventor and artist. Both are Caucasian.

Bridged and Rob are intelligent and intellectual. They have a great passion for life, their work and each other. They love to de-construct their thought processes through long and engaged discussions. They adore each other. They enjoy eating out, travelling and meeting interesting people. Rob and Bridged find that they fuel each other's passions and questions. They believe that "the unexamined life is not worth living."

In the film, Bridged and Rob speak about their enjoyment in playing out roles and fantasies with each other. They maintain a great sense of humor. They laugh a lot when playing with each other. Bridged began exploring her fantasies early in life; Rob started his exploration when he met Bridged. Rob explains in the film how his relationship with Bridged has opened new doors for him, and how they play with his foot fetish.

©2006, run time 28 minutes,

plus special feature and

German subtitles



Love, catharsis and spirit, DVD with Hines and Lila, "flogging, resistance play and after care"

©2005, run time 32 minutes, plus special feature and German subtitles  

This film screened at Cinekink Film Festival New York and San Francisco, 2005

Hines and Lila met in 2002; they have been married since 2004. They live together near San Francisco, California. Hines is a successful full-time artist who makes a comfortable living selling his paintings. He is in his forties and is of African/American descent. Lila is in her thirties. She works as a nutritionalist.

In the film, the couple explains in the interview how much pleasure and enjoyable emotional release the powerplay they do brings to Lila, and what it means to Hines. They show the viewer an intense flogging scene, and at the end of the episode Lila experiences a profound emotional release, which they discuss in the interview. Hines holds his wife lovingly in his arms while they talk. They speak in depth about empowerment though erotic powerplay and how it has enhanced their marriage, their intimacy, and their sense of closeness. Their profound emotional connection and their love for each other are very visible throughout this film.

Hines and Lila enjoy spending time together. When not working, they cook for each other, go for walks, attend music and art events and practice yoga. They met in San Francisco in 2002 when Hines was visiting from Atlanta, Georgia. They fell in love, and a few months later, Lila went to Atlanta to help Hines move to the San Francisco Bay Area. For the move, they took a wonderful long road trip together. Their philosophy, which has a spiritual connotation, is to "celebrate the moment and to stay positive". They believe it is important to seek balance and to open your eyes to the beauty that surrounds us. They think people should learn to choose and trust love by appreciating the "inter-connectiveness of all things."




Sara and ben  

My husband is my slave: DVD with Sara and Ben, "Female Dominance, Cross-dressing and Fetish Play"
(in progress)

This couple is married for 23 years. They recently sold their house in San Francisco and moved to Fresno for retirement. Husband and wife enjoy female dominance: Ben always has been submissive to Sara. He is her slave, and they both greatly enjoy this dynamic.
When they met 24 years ago, when Sara bought Ben at a slave auction, Sara found out that Ben was cross-dressing by himself. When he shared this with her, because he believed that she wouldn't judge him about it, she immediately wanted to explore cross-dressing him together. Soon she bought outfits and shoes for him. They discuss how much fun this is for them; they also demonstrate a cross-dressing session between the two of them..
Also, both partners enjoy fetish play. Sara loves dressing herself and her husband in latex rubber outfits on a regular basis and spend an afternoon or evening together enjoying their erotic latex and leather glove fetish play. They also play with leather, leather gloves, satin, shoes and boots. Their marriage and their sex life is very exciting to them after all those years.

We witness a profound Goddess ritual in which Sara performs as the main Priestess, a ritual involving 3 dominant women and 3 men who surrender to the Goddesses. Sara and Ben discuss what spirituality mean to them.












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A Master/slave marriage


Serving Madame Gina

Role-play with me

Serving Madame Gina


Love, catharsis and spirit


Role-play with me


My husband is my slave


Role-play with me
My husband is my slave

A Master/slave marriage
Hines and Lila
Love, catharsis and spirit


My husband is my slave

Serving Madame Gina

A Master/slave marriage